Pitch for executive coaching – the 2 misused questions

Pitch for executive coaching – the 2 misused questions

Pitch for executive coaching – the 2 misused questions

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When I pitch my executive coaching services to companies, I usually get asked the following questions:

  • have I coached executives before?
  • have I coached this/ that topic before?

Is this you case also? How would you respond if you want the job but do not have the proper experience?
In my case, I have an issue with the questions themselves.

     1. Have I coached executives before?

First of all, executive is a title, is not a species. But it seems to be, since I get asked specifically this question.

Indeed, „executives” are more intelligent, more responsible, more time sensitive and more ego-centric and self-centered than the average guy. But, this is all; it is not about the function, it still is about a human being. I’ve seen executives as different among them as senior or middle managers are.

A good coach is not good only for „executives” and bad for the rest. It’s just good. And, when I say good, that means especially this: he is trained to coach any human being of any race, gender, age, cultural background, with any kind of topic.

     2. Have I coached this/ that topic before?

I might not have. What is the problem then?

It is like you are supposed to be able to coach only when you know the problem, topic or issue being at the center of the coaching conversation. But we, as coaches, we are trained to ask questions and listen, be empathic, read between the lines, grasp the system – not solve problems ourselves. It is clearly a missunderstanding of our role.

In conclusion – I am not coaching only certain types of human beings and only certain problems. I am ready to coach anyone with any goal.

These two questions miss the target. Anyone, well non-verbally prepared may fabricate a proper answer and still not be able to coach afterwards.

But, if you want to ask me if I am „intelligent enough, brave enough, strong enough, prepared, educated and able to face a tough guy with a special problem” – that’s bluntly different, isn’t it?


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